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Fitness or Weight Loss? Two Different Goals

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Being healthy involves living a balanced lifestyle with both fitness and proper nutrition. Many people consider weight loss to be the highest priority and sideline the effect of having a proper fitness program in place. It is important to note that both weight loss and fitness are crucial aspects of achieving wellness, though neither one depends on the other.

In weight loss, a certain amount of intake restriction is required.  Reduction of calorie intake is vital, as excess calories form a majority of the excess weight. When losing weight, look at food and drink options that are beneficial to the body yet contain fewer calories. Focus on healthy options such as fruits, vegetables, fats and proteins.

It is a well-known fact that exercise is important for a healthy body. Weight loss alone is not enough to live a healthy lifestyle, it must be coupled with exercise and working out as part of a lifestyle regimen to maintain a healthy body. When starting a new fitness program, something as simple as taking a daily walk will help increase weight loss as long as it coincides with a healthy diet. Since many people are sedentary for most of the day, including physical activities in their lives will increase their weight loss efforts.

Fitness benefits the body in many ways regardless of the weight of the individual. It helps in preventing cardiovascular disease. It also helps the heart function optimally, without fear of certain heart diseases such as stroke. Fitness also contributes to the CNS (central nervous system) operating with a higher capacity. It does this by ensuring that blood is pumped efficiently throughout the heart and brain. Exercising also helps in burning calories, whether light physical activity or high intensity. It is beneficial to our emotional health, and helps to reduce stress. It even improves sleep, which is essential for a healthy body.  

Fitness is an important aspect of wellness that will benefit anyone whether you are slim or overweight, meanwhile weight loss efforts are common among people who are overweight, obese or people who are generally unhappy about their weight.

Generally, the process of weight loss ends when you achieve your desired weight. It’s not a go-ahead to binge or return to old eating habits, it just means no more anxiety about losing that extra fat. Fitness, however, is a lifelong journey. It is necessary for both the old and the young. We can’t outgrow the need for a regular fitness routine. It is an important aspect of any weight loss journey. Weight loss meanwhile, isn’t required for any form of fitness endeavor. Exercises vary from cardio, to endurance, to strength training; all of which are geared towards achieving total health.

Fitness and weight loss are both crucial elements of wellness. Each one enhances the other. Weight loss focusing on nutrition and food choices, without including a complete fitness plan, is unrealistic. Likewise, using exercise to burn calories without considering, and making adjustment to your eating habits, is a wasted effort. A healthy lifestyle can be countered by missing out on any one of them. Including regular exercise like running, lifting weights, or even walking helps to complement a healthy diet.

“Development of the mind can be accomplished only when the body has been disciplined.”