“When I first started training with Jonce, i had chronic back pain, about 5-6/10 pain wise on an average day. I also have a snapping scapula, which though my shoulder was still functional, it caused a lot of pain move it much. Because of that, i had very little muscle around my shoulder, and other ones were compensating for it. Aside from that, I also have had asthma for most of my life, and hadn’t been able to do much in the area of fitness. My doctor recommended that i see a physical therapist to rehabilitate my shoulder, the only other option being surgery. I decided to see Jonce instead of the physical therapist that they wanted me to go to because they wanted to start me off way too light, as if my shoulder didn’t function at all, and wouldn’t listen to my feedback.

In the past couple years of training with Jonce, my back pain is almost completely eliminated. On an average day: zero pain, on a bad day: maybe 5/10. So, a bad day now is almost better than my average pain level used to be. My shoulder pain has also been resolved. Now, not only have I gained the full use of my body without daily pain, I’ve also changed my entire physique and body composition. My asthma has even gotten better, for the first time in a long time, I’ve actually been able to run. I can do things now that i had never dreamed of before. In fact, I’m even working on doing a mud run next summer. I look and feel better than I ever have in my life, and i have Jonce to thank for that.”

-Andrew Wahnschaff



"Best fitness center - They gear the training to your ability. It doesn't matter if you are a novice wanting to get healthier and loose some pounds or experienced athelete and want to gear up for the next competition IMS Fitness is the place to go. They take the time to understand your goals and plan a workout just for you."

− Jennifer W.

"Jonce is a great trainer and coach. Last year I started competing in competitive obstacle course races. I have had some success training on my own, but my competitive level was instantly increased when I started working with, Jonce. I noticed how well he was able to adapt to the needs of his clients. Both from a fitness level, and a motivation level. So I was sure he was a good fit for me. His knowledge base of fitness and performance is second to none, and the IMS studio provides the perfect atmosphere for training. If you are someome looking to get the competitive edge in your sport, or just looking to get healthier and in shape. I would recommend Jonce and IMS to you all."

− Jon M.

"Jonce trains my two high school aged sons. He is very knowledgeable and has a very patient and effective style. Our experience is 100 percent positive and we highly recommend him for personal training and nutrition guidance."

− Marlo G.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Jonce over seven years. I was an overweight mother of two that needed to change her life for herself and my children. Didn't want to be a sideline mom. I have lost a great amount of weight, gain strength and endurance. Jonce will push you as far as your body will take you. He knows the difference if your body can or cannot do it. I have accomplished things I would have never done without him by my side. Jonce is very in tune with my mental and physical state. I'm very fortunate to have met Jonce and to be my trainer and call him my friend."

− Samira S.

""Change my life""

− Sam S.

"I have an extremely bad GERD affliction (acid reflux). For decades, I have not been able to work out without getting very sick afterwards. I'm finding out that Jonce is not just a personal trainer, but an expert at nutrition. He gave me strict diet and workout guidance and within a couple weeks, I have discarded the omeprazole medication I've had to take for 15 years and have lost 6 pounds. No constant heartburn for the first time in my life! He really has become a literal lifesaver and friend! I highly recommend you come visit him!"

− Chris N.

"I love working out with Jonce. Even though I've been living in Chicago and we've only actually worked out in person over a handful of times (the rest of the time being virtually training over Facetime), I've still put on 18 pounds of muscle weight in the 8 months we've been working out together! Jonce is an amazing trainer and I love the time we get to spend "together" in the gym."

− Ashley Wahnschaff

"Thank you! It is always a pleasure to work with Jonce! Even with a torn acl, he knows how to customize a workout so I can still keep at it :)"

− Tonya Ross